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OUR SERVICES Hi-Tech Dentistry
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In our constant effort to keep up with the newest in technological advances, Connor Familily Dentistry employs the latest in Hi-Tech dental equipment and techniques that make for a more comfortable dental experience for our patients.

Intraoral Cameras - Intra-oral cameras are small wand-like cameras that allow us to take very detailed photographs of your teeth and mouth.  These photographs show very fine details in teeth allowing Dr Connor to explain and communicate your dental needs.  These photographs also allow us to maintain very detailed records of each patient’s teeth.  Intraoral photos are routinely used as part of your comprehensive exam at Connor Family Dentistry.  

Digital Radiographs Digital Radiography or Digital X-rays have revolutionized dentistry. Digital radiographs are taken using a Digital Sensor and Computer as compared to traditional radiographs which are taken using film. The facts about Digital Radiographs are impressive

• There is a 90 percent reduction in the amount of radiation needed.  

• The radiographs are stored electronically and remain the same quality as opposed to film which changes color with time. 

• Taking digital radiographs takes less time and can be instantly viewed on a computer screen. 

• Digital radiographs can be enhanced on the computer screen.  Images may be enlarged, lightened, and darkened. This contributes to an accurate diagnosis and allows Dr. Connor To easily display images to discuss. 

• X-ray films require chemical processing.  Digital radiographs require no harmful, caustic chemicals.  This creates a healthier dental environment, and because chemical disposal isn’t necessary, helps protect the natural environment.

Offers single visit porcelain crowns.  No need for two appointments or wearing a temporary crown.  This revolutionary technology will be available soon.

Sterilization of Instruments A clean environment is of upmost importance at Connor Family Dentistry.  Many of our supplies are single use.  This means we use them only for you and then they are disposed.  When instruments require sterilization, we take this process very seriously.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have set specific standards for sterilization.  We go above and beyond what is required.  We use state of the art Rapid Steam Sterilization.  After instruments are cleaned of debris using our Ultrasonic Cleaner and Enzyme Solution, instruments are bagged and processed in our rapid steam autoclave.  Each individual bag of instruments contains a monitor to ensure that the instruments are sterilized.  In addition to chemical monitors, we perform Biological testing.  Biological testing is the most accurate test of sterilization.  This test ensures that all bacteria will be destroyed during sterilization.  Feel free to ask one of our Clinical Assistants to give you a tour of our Sterilization Department.  As a matter of fact, we are so proud of this area that it is one of the first areas you will encounter when you enter our patient treatment area. 

Delivering High Quality Water Where does the water come from at the dental office?  Very specific standards have been set to protect patients against contaminated dental water.  The current standard states that dental water must meet drinking water standards.  Dental water contaminated with “Biofilms” can be very harmful and make individuals very sick.  Biofilm is a slimy material that can build up inside the dental pipes and tubes in a dental chair.   We hold ourselves to a higher standard and provide water that exceeds drinking water standards.  How do we do it?

We start with purified water.  Purified water is added directly to an independent reservoir on the dental chair.  
Our dental chair water lines are properly maintained with enzyme solutions to remove harmful biofilms.

We test our water straight from the air/water syringe.  This is exactly what is given to our patients.  Our goal is to exceed recommendations and offer the highest quality of water possible.


Patient Registration Form
You may pre-register with our office by downloading and filling out our Patient Information Form. On your first visit to our office, just turn it in with your signature on it and we will begin your treatment. 

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